July/August Suggestion Box


Suggestion: Please repair sauna! We checked it out and it seems to be working properly. It was up to 175 degrees by the end of our 1-hour test. In order to save energy, we have our members turn it on before each use. If you turn it on when you come in to train, it will be hot by the end of your workout. If you are coming specifically to use the sauna, please call ahead and we will be happy to turn it on so that it is ready for your arrival.

Suggestion: We love the gym — only thing missing is a stair stepper. We feel that a stepper or climber of some sort would be a good addition as well. Likely we will add some more cardio equipment in 2019 — ultimately it will depend upon which type of cardio is needed the most. We'd like to add a couple new elliptical machines as well.

Suggestion: I would like to teach an aerobic class MWF @ 8 AM. I have a few ladies from Wellgate who want me to teach. We've tried more traditional group exercise classes in the past  that were met with minimal demand. If there are members who would like some traditional aerobics, they can let Michelle, Amy, or me know of their interest.

Suggestion: Hi guys, How about some 2-3X blue Adamsons shirts? Our shirt order arrived Monday!  Some are blue. I hope I ordered some large ones that will work for you. Had I seen this suggestion earlier, I'd have made sure I did!

Suggestion: Bring back rebounders! Rebounders can be fun exercise tools. Jordan has reassembled the rebounder for you — you'll find it in the Punch Fitness room!

I went to a gym similar to Adamson's in another city. They had a FB group page that you could add yourself to if you were a member of the gym. People would post meal ideas, foods they found, workouts for traveling, accountability questions, etc. I think it created an awesome community in the gym. It would be cool if we could do that here too! Also, possibly do it for the upcoming Skinny Jeans. This sounds like a great idea! We actually had our consultant highly recommend it last March.  Because of our limited success when we did a private FB page for SJBD, and because of a backlog of large projects we are working on, we bumped it down the priority list. After receiving this suggestion and talking with the person who submitted it, we are going to seriously consider getting it started sooner than later!

As always, thank you for making this gym YOURS!