June Suggestion Box


Suggestion: New jump ropes please?  Coming right up. Expect them in a couple weeks!

Suggestion: Text daily motivational reminders stressing why that workouts are so awesome.  Great idea! We actually signed up for a texting service, spent several hundred dollars on monthly fees and didn't have time to get it started! With so many irons in the fire, we decided it was best to wait till we have the time and personnel to get it going. Stay tuned!

Suggestion: Another one or two 9 AM classes during the summer months. OK! We've added two more mid-morning Team Training classes — Tuesday and Thursday at 8:30 AM we now offer Beast. Our 9 AM Monday and Friday TT classes remain unchanged, and we plan to continue our 9 AM Tuesday Pilates class through the summer and likely into the fall.  

Suggestion: Move the 5 PM Monday yoga to 5:30. I have to hustle to get there on time, so are others.  Because Amber was not able to continue teaching our Monday yoga/Pilates class, we've asked Melissa to please teach another yoga class each week. Thankfully she is willing to do so! Since she was not available on Mondays, we have moved yoga to Tuesdays and Thursdays at 5:30 PM. I think that these changes will actually work out to be better for the majority of you!

Comment: Tried out Melissa's yoga class Wednesday evening. By far the best time I've had doing yoga. Great to hear; Melissa is great.  She offers a restorative yoga — not super strenuous, just a great stretch. I'd suggest everyone try it.

Suggestion: I am interested in women's self-defense classes if offered. This subject has come up before. We did a LOT of research into the possibility of offering self-defense including cost, instructors, curriculum, business model, etc. We decided not to offer it at this time but to continue to consider bringing it on at a later date.

Comment: Thank you for creating the best outlet to obtain balance in my day! You are welcome!  Thank you to every member who makes Adamson's possible by believing in us and supporting our mission!

Suggestion: Please restock the lemonade vitamin water. I believe that it's been ordered. 

Suggestion: If you carried alkaline water I would buy it. I don't know anything about alkaline water other than that I throw baking soda into my pool to increase the alkalinity. Guess I need to know more about it— or bring in a pitcher of pool water! Okay kidding, but I'll look into this.

Suggestion: Vegan protein bars for the lactose intolerant. We just started carrying the RX bars because they have far fewer ingredients, taste great, and used to be Whole 30 approved. Whole 30 recently took them off of their approval list because folks were making a steady diet of them instead of using them sparingly and for emergencies. RX bars claim to have no added sugar, no dairy, no soy, and no gluten but since the protein is from egg I guess they're not vegan, but hopefully they will be the ticket for you! 

Suggestion: Try offering the Fit Lite 3 days/week (MWF) for geisers for 4 weeks and see what happens. It can be very difficult to switch class times around w/o getting a lot of feathers ruffled. Even changing a class by 30-minutes can almost lead to hate mail (OK, I'm exaggerating just a bit) and adding to the difficulty is the trainer's availability! But I will keep this in mind for future consideration.  Summer, in particular, is a bad time to try new stuff with class times.

Suggestions: I love what you are doing! I love the idea of Beast and Warrior classes. I would love to support them by wearing a t-shirt if you can get some on the next t-shirt order. Maybe Warrior tanks. How about a limited amount of t-shirts each month? When they are gone, they're gone.  Example: I am a BEAST for Adamson's, I am a WARRIOR for Adamson's, etc.  Any V-neck women's t'shirts coming? I'm working on a shirt order now! I was working on the design concept today and am stoked about it but I'm not going to give away any secrets! Small, specialized orders can be difficult because the per shirt cost can be super expensive if custom art is involved. Nevertheless, let me see what I can do!

Suggestion: Video the trainers one at a time doing 60 exercises in 8 minutes using one particular type of exercise tool such as a TRX or Bosu. I believe this will be something fun to watch and share.  Hmm, that a lot of exercises! I like the general idea but think we'll have to bite this off in smaller chunks! 

Suggestion: Fans in the locker room to help with that after shower sweat.  Done.

Keep the suggestions coming, team. Thank you for making this YOUR gym