Just a Little Better!


We can all appreciate small victories. Here's one — I stepped on the scale a few days ago and was about a half a pound lighter than any other weigh-in (I weigh every morning) since I started trying to lose body fat on May 1st. Big tickle, you say. True, it really was very small and insignificant, but yet it was a big deal at the moment. Afterall, it was a new low on the scale and it was an indication that I was still on track and not losing ground. I felt a little studlier as I trudged down the hallway to get coffee.

What might have led to that micro-victory? Likely some more "just a little betters" each day. My workouts that week may have been just a little more focused, I may have had one less cheat in my diet, I may have upped my water intake by 6 ounces a day. Point being, lots of "just a little betters" can make for measurable improvement; and measurable improvement can be the boost that we need to draw more motivation that we need for more "just a little betters!"

While we're at it, don't forget to give more high fives, and more "way to work dude" comments to your fellow Peak Freaks! This may be just what they need to get one more burpee! Try a "you look amazing!" comment next time someone blows you away with the changes they've made — that's almost guaranteed to result in a new PR burpee count!

So, this week ask yourself how can I be just a little better? Then get after it and deliver! See you in the gym, you burpee champ!