March Suggestion Box


Suggestion: Stay open until 8:00 PM on Fridays and until 3 or 4 PM on Saturdays. 
Saturday hours seem to come up a couple times each year. We were open til 4 PM on Saturdays for quite a while but we found that we were only getting 2–4 people in the gym between 1 PM and 4 PM, and sometimes we'd go a couple hours without seeing a single member. The physical size of the gym and small membership base work against us in this case because of the cost of lighting, cooling, and staffing. We will continue to monitor need. We would like to grow our membership by 20% this year in which case expanding hours could become more feasible!

Suggestion: Different shirt brand or style for Skinny Jeans please. They run so small! 
Unfortunately the SJ shirt sizes unexpectedly ran smaller than usual. Sizing is so hard to control as shirts come from so many factories around the world and the dimensions of any one size varies considerably. We apologize for this disappointment. Going forward we plan to screen the shirts that our vendor recommends more carefully and use a limited number of brands.

Suggestion: We need an American flag hanging in the gym. 
Man, you get a free nutrition bar for this suggestion. This is one that I've never heard. I don't even know what to say other than it sounds like a cool idea and we'll consider it!

Comment: My finger hurts from pressing the 'cold' water button on the filter. Thanks for fixing it! 
Yes, as I think I commented last month, getting filtered water turned into quite the challenge when the company servicing our fountain went out of business. We went ahead and purchased a new water fountain with filtered water bottle station from JW Wood, and Custom Plumbing did the installation. We love it so far, and your fingers don't even need to touch a button!

Suggestion: We'd really appreciate no more Christian rock or other religious music during Team Training. I'm not sure if the concern here is the beat of the music or the fact that it is religious, but we have already begun, and plan to continue working on finding and developing playlists that are fast driving music which will help motivate and infuse energy into the workouts!

Suggestion: Are there plans for more APP athletic jackets? I'd buy some. 
I don't have any orders in process at this time but will consider including a few with our next t-shirt order.