MyZone Fits the Adamsons Philosophy


As our name, (Adamson’s Peak Performance) implies, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach greater levels of health, fitness, and sports performance. MyZone is a wearable fitness technology that very accurately displays your heart rate and color codes it into one of five different intensity zones. It also gives you a readout of your calories burned, and MEPs points earned.

MEPs or MYZone Effort Points are used to level the playing field between exercisers and provide a way to measure your exercise volume with intensity level taken into account. As MyZone points out, the World Health Organization recommends 150 minutes per week of moderate exercise or 75 minutes per week of intense exercise. This equates to approximately 300 MEPs per week or 1,300 MEPs per month.

Myzone users accumulate 1 MEPs point per minute when exercising at 50-59% of HR max (gray zone); 2 MEPs points/min when at 60-69% of HR max (blue zone); 3 MEPs points/min when at 70-79% (green zone); and 4 points/min at 80-89% (yellow zone) and 90-100% (red zone).

At Adamson’s, we believe that the MyZone system will not only make your training more fun and interesting but that it will provide valuable feedback which will enhance the quality and efficiency of your training — helping you to achieve PEAK PERFORMANCE!

Note: We are purposely keeping the price of the heart rate monitors low! We are not interested in making money on them — we just want them on our members being used! We are offering the first 20 at right around cost! MyZone offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on the monitors as long as you return the hardware portion w/o any markings or damage. Pick yours up today!