November Suggestion Box & Micki's 12 days of christmas workout!

The suggestions keep coming! Thank you! Obviously we can't make everyone happy all the time but we definitely like to know what you're thinking. Since beginning the box earlier this year, we've followed through on many of the suggestions. At times it would be helpful to get a little more detail. For example, rather than refer to Friday classes, it would be helpful to know which Friday class.

Suggestion: Fix the women's sauna. Well, we put a $1,000 brand new unit in it, replaced the breakers, and checked it over thoroughly. Finally we discovered that it was simply getting too hot. We've installed a stop on the timer to prevent anyone from turning it up too high. Don't worry, it'll still get to around 180 degrees.

Suggestion: Drinking fountain or water tower in Skinny Jeans studio. For now I suggest that you purchase a quality water bottle and fill it up on the way to class. We may consider a water tower down the road. We're limited upstairs with water access.

Question: Can we bring in men's shirts? We have a sweet order of shirts which should arrive anytime. Hopefully you'll like the new custom design! 

Suggestion: There was some discussion from a couple of you in regard to TT instructors:  We just brought on veteran trainer Jordan Atwell who has been coaching team training at Redding Crossfit for several years. I believe that Jordan will bring new ideas and additional quality to our Team Training. He'll be coaching classes throughout the week and a couple classes on Fridays. Although I like the idea of rotating instructors around to help add variety and spice things up, it is difficult to do logistically. Hope that helps! 

Suggestion: Please keep 4:15 PM AfterBurn on Mondays and add more of them to other days of the week. Yeah, that class has been pretty well attended. We are going to be evaluating the TT and Punch Fitness schedules over the next several weeks and will definitely be considering that. On the flip side, we keep adding TT classes but our overall monthly TT attendance hasn't increased. Unfortunately we do have to consider attendance. At an average of 6.5 per class, we'd prefer classes of 8-10 for metabolic training because of the energy the larger classes bring.

Suggestion: Yoga. We see the value of yoga. We offered it for well over a year if my memory serves me correctly, but our attendance was abysmal. My body sure needs it...As we evolve we will look at it again. My guess is that rather than actual yoga classes, at some point we will integrate more mobility work into the latter portion of some of our classes.

Suggestion: Can we please get 110 lb and 120 lb dumbbells. A few of us are needing to move our weights up. We can put them on the wish list. It's a pretty long list. I see the value of having them but they're going to serve a very small segment of our members. I wish they were still in my personal workout plans but with a torn rotator cuff I may run out of years before I work back up there! For now, hopefully the bench press and the 100 lb dbs will do the job for you. 

Comments: We had multiple comments on how cool the old school rock music was in the Saturday AM TT classes today (11/26)!  Wow! I should have been there to work off the apple pie! I'll be sure and ask the Saturday gang what the magical rock and roll music was! Glad you enjoyed it.

Suggestion: Big tire. That's been in past discussions so I know you're not alone. May not fit indoors but I can see it happening in the spring? We will definitely consider it.  

Christmas wish: Hoping to have Micki's 12 Days of Christmas Workout prior to Christmas! Hmmm, I faintly remember that—bet it was painful. Micki will want to know if you've been naughty or nice?  Naughty gets 12 days of burpees!