Oct Suggestion Box, The M-word, the B-Word, and twister in the locker room!

Suggestion: What about promoting Amy for TRX/KB classes? Love that you’re offering of yoga and Pilates! Really enjoying classes so far! Everyone wants Amy! I’ll pass the word along to her. She’s done TRX specialty courses in the past and they were well liked. Her schedule is slammed, but we can look into some short-term winter programming.

Suggestion: Please play more Hip Hop (a list of artists was included in the suggestion). Oh man! You had to bring up the M-word: music. I know that I probably sound like a broken record on this topic. We really want to improve on our playlists and one of our employees has started working on them. We don’t play much Hip Hop for a couple reasons — I personally dislike it and I don’t think it fits our culture in general. I know that isn’t universally true however, and I’ll try to keep an open mind as we move forward in an effort to improve our music.

Suggestion: Please, we humbly request a 2nd ab trainer in the Skinny Jeans area or move it permanently there? Also, my goal is to do a chin-up, but I don’t see the machine that you kneel on with weights? I’ll check to see Carl will approve of moving the ab trainer from Studio Z to the Skinny Jeans area — OK with me, depends on usage. If we can’t, we do have plans to add additional pieces of equipment for core development at some point. In regard to the assisted dip/chin machine you’re referring to, I actually have an offer in on a nice used one locally and am waiting to see if my offer is accepted. Assisted Dip/Chin machines are great to have and have been on our wish list for some time.

Suggestion: Can we get new long bands? More colors or just new ones? Add some o-ring bands and figure-8 bands. Yes, I brought some new long bands out of the equipment room and they are hanging one the band hanger. I can pull a couple more figure-8 bands out of our storage room and hang them up.

Suggestion: Bring back boxing classes. We have plans to bring back some short-term boxing in November and December. We’ll see how they go as far as attendance before deciding whether or not they will be long-term.

Suggestion: Thank you for being open on Sundays (during the August fires)! I usually have it off and work Saturdays. 2nd suggestion: Keep the gym open on Sundays throughout the year. We can’t do it right now due to limited staff, and the limited Sunday use from members. During the hot months, keeping a 17,000 sf gym with 8 HVAC units open and cool so that 6–12 members can exercise is a tough call. Our summer utilities can run over $3,000/month which is a pretty significant amount for a small specialty gym. Per usual, we do listen to you, the members. As we grow in membership and our demographic changes, we will definitely continue to periodically consider adding Sunday hours.

Suggestion: It would be great to have sweatshirts again this winter. I agree, that would be cool…or warm! :-P Our garment supplier is going through some transitions and not taking orders in October but I’ll likely be looking into doing a small order. With so many other projects going on, it just wasn’t a priority.

Suggestion: Please bring back child care at noon. Oh no! The B-word: babysitting! This is a really tough subject — we want to be able to accommodate our members but we still have to make wise business decisions and consider the times of the day that there is or isn’t any demand. Right now, there just isn’t much demand at noon. Since we already spend several hundred dollars more than we bring in per month to provide babysitting, unfortunately I don’t see that we can provide noon babysitting at this time.

Suggestion: It would be nice if the person(s) handing out keys kept track of where the various lockers were that had already been handed out and tried to spread people out. Sometimes our lockers are all right next to each other. Thanks! We are aware of this issue. It’s hard to memorize the locker locations. I’ll remind the front desk staff so that we can try to improve in this area. Playing Twister in the locker room kinda sucks.

Bonus: Hey Peak Freaks, this month we added two Precor elliptical machines (my favorite brand) to our cardio equipment upstairs! With our aging Nordic Track elliptical machines, and one of our nice Matrix elliptical machines having lemon issues, we felt that it was important to upgrade. They each have touch screens and adjustable ramps which will hit steep inclines if you want to punish the glutes!

Peace, Love, Sweat,