September Suggestion Box


So 50% of the suggestions this month dealt with fan(s) for the upstairs! We are VERY sorry about the heat on the north end of the cardio area and Studio Z upstairs! Our 15-ton roof top unit which cools that area quit working. Our AC guy went in for knee replacement so we asked another company to come out and work on it. They spent 6–8 hours to find out it's a $5,000 fix on a 14 year-old unit. Bottom line, we need to spend $12K and get a new unit! Then the orange fan broke! I stuck it in the shop and forgot to get it fixed. Here's the plan: we'll put one of the big fans up there ASAP. I am exploring alternative, less expensive ways to cool Studio Z and the north end of the cardio area. We may have to limp into fall with just fans in that area but we definitely plan to have the problem resolved by spring. Thanks for your understanding.

Suggestion: Punch/Boxing class in the evening. Body Blast class is very full. Lot of folks angry over fires, bad air outside! PLEASE TRY IT. We'll take a look at bringing back BoxFit so members can hit stuff and be less angry! We are actually stepping back several steps and exploring a master plan for the Punch Fitness room. We want to make MUCH better use of what is now the nicest space in the entire building!

Suggestion: Open Saturday at least by 7:30 AM. Many of us work on Saturday or Sunday and weekend hours are very limited. Thanks. We discussed this potential change at our meeting this afternoon. It’s just a half hour change and doesn’t sound like a big deal, but we are having difficulty covering all the hours with a staff that works pretty long hours during the week coupled with the soon loss of two of our part-timers! We won’t be able to do it in September but will take a look at it as we hire more staff and head into fall and winter.

Suggestion: Please do not give up the search for a Monday or Wednesday yoga teacher. Having an option on one of those days is great for those of us that have something already on Tuesday/Thursday. Thank you! Ok, I won't give up. I will continue to keep eyes and ears open!

Suggestion: Cute, stylish, women's tank/muscle Ts. See 1) Barry's Boot Camp and 2) Sonoma Fit. I'll have to check out your references! Since we just purchased close to 200 garments it'll likely be awhile. We do have plans to eventually create a nice pro shop in our entry area. The trainer pictures were just phase 1.

As always thanks for your feedback and suggestions to make Adamson's the very best gym in Redding and beyond!