September Suggestion Box

Due to a backlog of suggestions, I'm doing a 2nd suggestion box post this month! Thanks for all of the great suggestions! Sorry that I can't address them all.

Suggestion: Two taller climbing ropes. We will probably add two taller ropes in the next six months, one regular, and one knotted. I will however, need to take a look at safety concerns as it may require a crash pad.

Suggestion: I've been using the Skinny Jeans training and have been using it for the excellent strength training. The cost is always a consideration. If it were $99/month it would be an easy choice. Because Skinny Jeans is a limited number of participants, and because of the ever-rising cost of doing business; we have to keep the price point higher. Because Team Training can take an unlimited number of participants we can price it lower. I'd suggest Team Training as the solution for the price range you're seeking. We have five Industrial Strength classes sprinkled throughout the week. IS classes are designed to be more strength based.

Suggestion: My schedule does not allow me to do team classes and I would LOVE to have a daily workout posted to give me some variety with or without a partner and to help push myself! We have totally intended to do this and have been talking about it for no less than two years! I know this sounds like an excuse but we've been running in so many directions that it just hasn't managed to hit the top of the priority list! Incidentally we did just start a 9:15 AM Friday Afterburn class.

Suggestion: Daycare availability on Saturday mornings for the team training classes! We've been offering Saturday babysitting for the last four weeks and are still waiting for our first baby! We'll offer it through October but there sure better be some babies showing up!  :-) 

Comment: Don't change a thing! I love this place!  AWESOME! I love ya man! It wish it were that easy!  


Feel free to add your suggestions and comments!  
The suggestion box is on the bar counter near the drinking fountain.