Shorty Workouts

Orange Clock .jpg

Some of my best workouts come when I'm pressed for time. Sometimes situations arise which demand that your workout be quick if you're going to squeeze it in! We all know that a short workout is better than no workout; but usually we try to talk ourselves out of it! 

Another great time for a shorty is when you're exhausted — as in Friday afternoon! Shorties demand that you focus; they demand that your rest periods be brief, and that you choose the exercises that deliver the greatest benefit for the time expended. 

Yesterday was one of those days for me. I was exhausted but wanted to do some leg training. My mind said "no" to squats and lunges so I picked just four machine exercises. First I did four supersets of leg presses and single-leg leg curls, nothing heavy. I did high reps on the leg presses (15-20) and 8-12 on the leg curls. Next I did three supersets of leg extensions (10-12 reps) and body weight back extensions (15 reps) —Done! Out the door and home for some relaxing reading on the patio!  

Shorties can stimulate your muscles, push your anaerobic capacity, and give you a sense of accomplishment! Keep them in your fitness tool box and use them as needed. For guidance on shorty workouts or any other workout techniques, give Small Group Personal Training a try.