Suggestion Box – Fresh Water Coming Soon!!


Suggestion: Could we have Saturday Pilates? More Pilates in evening, more yoga in evening or early morning? I LOVE ADAMSON'S! Thanks for the love!! Our next step is to test the waters with a 2nd evening yoga class. I've wanted to have a 2nd yoga or Pilates in the evening for some time but timing didn't seem to be right. We have a test class scheduled for Wednesday the 21st of February.

Suggestion: Could we/you not let people park at the curb at the entrance? It clogs it up when it is busy and there are plenty of parking spots. I noticed it, but didn't realize that it clogged things — I will look into it.

Suggestion: Can 2018 bring us a 9 AM or 10 AM Wednesday Basic Training or Body Blast or any Thursday Pilates so we moms can get our 3/week in please? We try to take a look at the class line-up every few months and make tweaks based on demand, or the lack thereof. At the most recent adjustment we made only one small change, simply changing the time of one class. I will take a hard look at our class line-up during the month of February and consider shaking things up in March or April. 

Suggestion: Instant hot water in the women's showers! We waste a lot of water! We have a giant water heater and raising the temp may not be cost effective right now. It doesn't have too much life left (unfortunately) at which time I believe we will go with a system that will deliver hot water much quicker. Hang in there and we appreciate for the concern for our water supply.

Suggestion: Music is way too loud. During the yoga class we can't hear Amber's instructions due to the music coming from the Body Blast class. Yes, we are aware of this problem and will try to address it. We apologize for the interruption to her class and will fix the problem. I think that there is a mid-way volume that we can make work!

Suggestion: Elkay Water Fountain ASAP!! We are so sorry about the water fiasco!! The company that was maintaining our filtered water system went out of business. We recently replaced all of the filters (3–4 of them) in the unit and then the o-rings started leaking! So, we will try to get the o-rings replaced this week, AND we've ordered a new Elkay fountain to replace the fountain on the right that will also have filtered water and a bottle filler. That should arrive very soon. All that said, we'll be spending just south of $2,000 but will hopefully FINALLY have the water situation fixed!! Thanks for your patience and understanding.

Suggestion: Marketing advice — upload 30-45 second videos to your social media of your staff performing an exercise that is commonly done wrong. This would be very informational for us all, and prospective clients! Great idea! I think we'll start doing something like this soon!

Keep the suggestions coming! This is YOUR gym and we want to make it awesome for you! Obviously we have limits to what we can do, and sometimes things take a while for change to come around, but it is important that we hear from you! THANKS!