Suggestion Box Mania!


A couple months ago Don suggested a suggestion box — so we did it. We tucked it neatly away in the back corner on the juice bar counter but it didn't take any time for you members to find it! Thanks so much for your suggestions! Up to now we haven't had a mechanism of responding to your suggestions so I've decided to respond in a blog near the beginning of each month. Here's my response to some of the suggestions we've received so far:

1. One member suggested Saturday PUNCH classes:  We actually do have a PUNCHLine class every Saturday from 10 AM to 11 AM.

2. How abou 8:30, 9:00, or 9:30 AM classes —particularly on Friday: We currently have a 9:00 AM PUNCHPlus class on Tuesday, and a 9:15 AM Endurance Team Training class on Wednesday. We also unsuccessfully tried a Monday 9:15 Cardio Core class. Our problem is that these mid-AM classes just don't get attended when we offer them. We'll keep trying though — and I'll keep an eye on demand once school starts. For intermediate-level women we also offer the Gorilla Training specialty program M–Th at 8:30 AM. Ask about it at the front desk.

3. Glute Ham Developer apparatus: The glute/ham machine would fit well into our training gym and is something that we'll most likely eventually purchase. Unfortunately there are several pieces of equipment on the 'wanted' list ahead of the GHD but if you're patient it will likely come eventually. We have about $1000 worth of miscellaneous equipment that arrived Monday the 18th!

4. Stair Stepper Machine/Stepmill: These are great cardio pieces, and would also likely fit well into our training center. Currently they fall below new treadmills on the priority list but I plan to eventually have at least one of these beasts!

5. The class in the early AM needs to clean up their equipment so that the 6 AM TT can start on time: Thanks for this feedback, I'll pass this along to the GT instructors. I know that AM's are tight and that classes need to start on time. I will pass the word along and we apologize for any inconvenience.


Thanks to all who gave suggestions and feedback! Slips and the box are still at the juicebar if you have something to share. The slip also includes a place to fill out your contact info if you'd like to hear back directly regarding your question or suggestion. Otherwise stay tuned to future blog posts that respond. Thanks to you, members, for helping make our space the best gym in Redding!!