Swallow the Frog

Every day we wake up to a long list of things to do! We look forward to some of them (hopefully most of them), but there's often a few that are either overwhelming or we're just not too excited about! Have you ever noticed that once you man up and take care of the one thing that you really didn't want to do, you feel lighter, happier, less overwhelmed? It can change your whole attitude for the day and even make it easier for others to be around you!

"Swallowing the Frog" is taking care of the worst first — getting the biggest obstacle of the day out of the way so everything else feels like play. Well, that might be a stretch, but you will feel a definite sense of accomplishment knowing it's done! I know that for some of you getting your workout in may be something that hangs over your head, possibly even causing a sense of guilt as the day passes and the chance of fitting it into your crammed schedule lessens by the hour.

For those of you who frequently find yourself in this dilemma, consider getting your training in early. Wake up early and hit the gym! We don't really care what you look like — though we'd prefer not to see you in your pajamas. At Adamson's, Don has a workout party going on each morning, starting bright and early at 5 AM. The energy is definitely contagious! Just get it done. You're gonna feel great for the rest of the day, and who knows, that frog may become tasty — they say it tastes like chicken!