Thanks for the Most Amazing Members

Yesterday I was talking with a woman who is in the process of changing careers and becoming a personal trainer. As I was describing our gym and the Adamson's culture to her, I once again found myself expressing how amazing that the members of Adamson's Peak Performance are! Through the years as I've reflected on the things that make my job as a trainer wonderful, working with amazing clients and members has consistently ranked at the top!

Man! It's so cool to come to work and see smiling faces! As I strive to make Adamson's the best part of my members' day, it's so awesome to have members that make my day! I don't have to sneak in the back door or take a wide path around the gym to get to my office in order to avoid some obnoxious club member! I walk in and see friends—sweaty members happily taking time out of their day to take care of their health and fitness!

Thanks to everyone who has done business with Adamson's Peak Performance this year, or any of the last 23 years! We have a saying that "Adamson's is the happy place." It really is. It's that way because of awesome members and great employees. Thanks.