The Next Fitness Phenomenon!

Kyle of FocusMaster winning Sweat, Inc.  Photo via  FocusMaster

Kyle of FocusMaster winning Sweat, Inc.

Photo via FocusMaster

As many of you know, we offer two great workouts in our PUNCH Fitness studio — PUNCHLine, and PUNCHPlus. Originally, we intended to offer only PUNCHLine, a 30-minute circuit-training workout utilizing a variety of heavy bags and a conditioning pit, but when RJ, now one of our PUNCH Fitness trainers, made us aware of a unique boxing apparatus called a FocusMaster, we decided to investigate! Fast forward a few months later and we now have SIX FocusMaster G-1000 machines set up in our PF studio forming the foundation for our PUNCHPLus group interval training workouts!

It's what happened during this fast-forward period that provided the exciting news which broke this past week! Upon contacting FocusMaster owner Kyle Coletti last summer, I was informed that he was in So Cal doing some filming and that six FocusMaster machines would be available for sale as soon as the filming was completed. It turns out that Kyle was one of 27 fitness entrepreneurs competing to see whose fitness program would win the title of the Next Fitness Phenomenon on the reality show, Sweat Inc, which would air on Spike TV and feature Jillian Michaels as the show's primary host.  

Well, the finale of Sweat Inc aired and guess who won? Yep! The FocusMaster workout beat out 26 other exercise programs for the title of the Next Fitness Phenomenon! For his victory, Kyle received $100,000, he'll be featured in Women's Health magazine, and the Focus Master boxing program will be incorporated into Retro Fitness Gyms around the country.

We saw the value of the FocusMaster machines and were on our way to introducing the PUNCHPlus workout before we were even aware of the Sweat Inc competition! We're excited for Kyle's victory and think it's way awesome that we were able to introduce the Next Fitness Phenomenon before it even was what is now! Now that's cool.