Tools to Fashion and shape Your Body


In my last blog, I pointed out that there are a number of fitness tools which should be employed when one wishes to transform his/her body. Diet alone, cardio alone, even diet and cardio combined aren’t good enough if you seek true body transformation! I listed what I believe are the big three tools — lifestyle nutrition, strength training, and metabolic/aerobic training. I also suggested a diagnostic tool called the fitness assessment. In the fitness assessment, a fitness professional measures your current fitness level, evaluates your strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes designs a personalized exercise prescription.

In this blog, let’s touch on another very important tool — restoration. Truthfully, restoration is an entire tool chest of its own! Restoration is so broad that this blog is really more of a list of restoration tools to broaden your awareness of things that you can easily do which will make the big three work more efficiently and effectively.

In order for us to make maximal improvements in strength, muscle mass, and aerobic fitness, we must get enough sleep. Restoration starts with good sleep habits. Without proper sleep, we just aren’t going to reach peak performance. Personally I need around eight hours per night. Good sleep starts with a good nighttime ritual leading up to hitting the sack. Avoid use of computers, TVs, and smartphones an hour before going to bed, and try to get your mind off of the intense issues of the day. If all else fails, check in with your mattress as it may be time to get a new one.

Stretching, supplements, yoga, Pilates, music, meditation, Scripture reading, blue sky time, play, massage, vacations, water consumption, mobility training, and walking are also additional restorative tools which can be used to help your body recover from intense exercise or stress and get prepared for more! Don’t sweat it that this is a large list. Pick one tool in the list above and begin to incorporate it into your lifestyle. You’re going to like the results!