Tortoise Superpower

I'm one month into a year-long journey on the Precision Nutrition Program. One of the questions on today's workshop was "knowing what we're about to work on, what superpowers do you have that'll make progress more likely?" The question was prying for strengths such as scheduling skills, social skills (to build social support), or other strong personal traits that I could utilize to help me reach my short-term objectives.

My first thought was "None". I don't have any superpowers. Then I changed my mind. "Superpower" is a stretch, but I think I have tortoise power. You see, every time I've read the story of the Tortoise and the Hare, the tortoise always wins. The tortoise just kept grinding, taking one step at a time while the hare eventually loses steam. 

Life requires us to just grind away. I'm learning to take one small step at a time just like the tortoise in the story. An eating plan, a workout plan, or whatever we face is usually more like a marathon that a sprint. Just keep picking em up and putting them down—one step at a time, one moment at a time, one rep at a time, one trial at a time. Yeah, I'll leave superpower to God, but tortoise power can really help for the long haul!