Touch Training

Putting in Work!

Love the energy of Team Training, Skinny Jeans, Personal Training, and Access working all at the same time.

Posted by Adamsons Peak Performance on Friday, November 6, 2015

Adamson's Peak Performance is a training-centric fitness center. Since our inception in 1993 we've always focused on personalized training because we know it works. Whether it be our Personal Training (one-on-one and small group training), our Team Training, or our Skinny Jeans programs, we seek to touch bases frequently with our members!

Let's face it—eating healthy and staying fit isn't an easy thing. We all struggle at one time or another. At Adamson's we know that the more contacts per month that we have with our members, the greater the likelihood that you'll be successful! Additionally, the more times that you can get to the gym, the better your results will be, and the more motivated you'll be to continue!

Whether it be Don's high five at 5 AM, or Haven's Spartan class 5:30 PM Friday night, we're here to inspire, encourage, and motivate you—morning or evening. You're what makes our days fun and exciting and we want to be the best part of your day, EVERY day!