Train Today and Quit Tomorrow!


That's right, go ahead and quit...later. One of my recent Precision Nutrition lessons related the story of a former Special Operations Forces soldier. The training he was going through was so brutal both mentally and physically that is was nearly unbearable —most would drop out.

He and his buddies, however, found a trick which helped them to endure: to quit! Each day they would tell themselves to finish out today and quit tomorrow. They promised each other that they would not quit in the middle of something, but rather at least wait until the end of the day when the intensity of the moment had passed.

Looking back each day, they would realize that the incident which made them want to quit wasn't so bad, and they'd feel good about their decision to continue! I don't think that you're weird or messed up if you want to quit, it's human. Life punches you in the mouth; we can get knocked down. What's important though, whether it be in life or your exercise program is that you get up and continue.  Often times as this soldier found, things aren't as bad as they seem to be at the time!  

I once read a quote written by a quadriplegic person, "move what you can," which has motivated and inspired me for years. I know some of you are going through stuff — in some cases, really bad stuff.  Your workout may not look like much, but that's alright. It'll feel good that you took a step! A step today will make tomorrow brighter. Finish out today!