Look for our New Weapons of Mass Reduction Series


This time of year most of us are at least thinking about trying to reduce something — our waist size, our jean size, our weight, our body fat, our carbs, our sugar, our muffin top, our bat wings, something — so I thought it would be appropriate for the training staff to feature some of our favorite weapons of mass reduction: tools we use for burning calories, losing our guts, and re-shaping our bodies so they can look amazing a few months from now. Additionally, we’ll show you some of our favorite things that we do with those weapons in order to deliver a lethal attack on our fat cells.

We’ll be sharing our weapons and tips on the Adamson’s Peak Performance Facebook page so be sure to check it regularly. Here’s an example: one of my favorite weapons is the slam ball. This week I’ll show you three effective slam ball exercises and then I’ll tie them all together in a final video. One of the ways that I’d define a ‘mass reduction’ movement is by its effect on heart rate; and when my three exercise selections are combined together they’ll send your ehart rate from gray zone to red zone faster than an anti-aircraft missile!

All of the weapons of mass reduction that we’ll be using can be found at Adamson’s Peak Performance. Hopefully this series will fire you up, adds ammo to your mass reduction arsenal, and help you sculpt that chiseled body you’ve been wanting. Come on, strap your MyZone belt on and let’s get to work!

RIP cells,
— Joe