Fun Week of Workouts that left my tank on empty!


Sometimes I enjoy getting a peek into what other people do in their workouts. It can be inspiring, educational, convicting, and sometimes eye opening. Often I'll get a new idea or a new exercise that I can incorporate into my training. So for my blog this week I'm just going to share (from memory so it's not exact) my workouts this week:

Monday: Chest training
• Flat dumbbell chest press with 40, 50, 60, 70, and 80lbs x 3 (5–7 reps) 
• Cable flies 3 x 12
• Seated calf raise 3 x 12-15
• Then I believe I finished with 2–3 sets of dumbbell pullovers.

Tuesday: After a good warm-up I did the July/August 4 x 100 Challenge. Thankfully I was able to beat Jeremy and Brigette! 
• Next was 8 x 1/10 mile intervals on the Assault Runner walking .05 miles as rest between each run.  I tried to keep each run over 7 mph but found myself slower at times. 
• 8 x 25 second jump rope intervals with 25 second rests, trying to get 50 reps each interval.

Wednesday: Basic Training at 5:15 with Jordan. 
I was teamed up with Mike Dendas so we pushed each other reasonably hard. The workout felt good and didn't leave me totally spent.

Thursday: Thursday was a step out of my comfort zone. I jumped into the 6 PM Beast class for just the 2nd time ever. Thankfully it wasn't one of Jordan's gnarliest workouts. After a thorough warm-up we did a 28 minute AMRAP doing:
• 20 calories on the rower, air bike, or treadmill
• 10 push-ups
• 15 TRX rows
• 10 ea goblet reverse lunges
• 100 jump ropes
Thankfully time expired before my 6th or 7th round of reverse lunges! Beast was a push for me. The last five minutes was painful and I started slowing down. I'd been keeping up with Gina up to then, but my poor heart just couldn't sustain a zillion BPM that last 5 minutes.

Friday: Back training I pretty much procrastinated till after 5 PM. I was tired before I even started but just forced out a workout that really never felt good. 
• Lat pulldowns 5 x 10 reps with 100, 120, 130, 140, 130 lbs
• Standing calf raises 3–5 sets of 10–15 (only loaded 50 lbs on the machine) 
• Parallel-grip pull-ups super-setted with straight-arm cable pulldowns using the rope handle. 
Very sub-par pull-up performance with all 4 or 5 of the sets in the 4–6 rep range. Oh well, I was toast.

Saturday: After the way I felt Friday, there was no way I was going to train on Saturday. Just doing my yard work felt like a Beast Training workout. 

That's a wrap on my workouts for the week. Normally I'd try to to have a day where I do 5 sets of 10 deadlifts or 2–3 strength exercises for my skinny legs but the 4 x 100 Challenge and the Beast class kinda took the place of leg training this week. My glutes were actually sore on Friday from Thursday's Beast workout so I really don't feel like I neglected lower body training. 

I hope that sharing my week's workouts might help some of you! I'm not a high volume workout guy.  At this time in my fitness journey I tend to keep the number of exercises and sets/workout fairly low, and my total time spent per workout between 30 and 60 minutes. This helps ensure that I'm able to recover properly and return to the gym each day as a fire-breathing dragon!

Attack those workouts!!
— Joe