Positive Use of the Weigh-in

The scale can be a very useful tool in health, fitness, and wellness. It can also be your worst enemy! There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to weigh-ins: First, weight fluctuates daily for most people so daily weigh-ins are usually not recommended. Weekly weigh-ins, on the other hand, will give you a good idea of how your body weight is trending. A weekly weigh-in allows you to make necessary dietary and activity adjustments without the stress and anxiety of getting on the scale each day. Daily weigh-ins can encourage you to make unnecessary and even counterproductive micro adjustments to your meal plan. For example, if you got up in the morning and happened to be one pound heavier due to fluid retention, you might then overreact by under eating or skipping breakfast — not a good idea!

If you're tracking your weight it's best to weigh yourself at the same time of day and under the same conditions each weigh-in. Additionally, use the same scale each time that you do an official weigh-in as scales can vary by as many as a few pounds! Weighing first thing in the morning after voiding your bladder and before getting dressed is typically considered the best time. Weigh-ins can be devastating and they can be exhilarating — I've experienced both. If you're not emotionally prepared to deal with what the scale tells you, you may want to consider other options. If you're having a fragile day, why play Russian roulette with the scale? Just walk away!  

The scale is a great assessment tool when used correctly, however, it's just one tool. There are many other ways to assess weight, body composition, and physical transformation; but that's a blog for another time! 

May your next weigh-in be a merry one!