What Has Happened to America?

I've never done a political blog before—but on the eve of elections I'm throwing in my two cents. To say that the direction we see American going is disturbing is an understatement. America isn't slowly going downhill—it's going over a cliff. Good is bad, and evil is good. Cops are now evil men and women while destructive rioters are heroes. I'm told that approximately 160 cops have been shot and killed this year—more than have been killed in accidents. 

I think that we're all sick and tired of political correctness; what a joke. The problems we see on the streets of Redding is only a reflection of what is happening everywhere. This is what you get when you strip society of God, morals, values, absolutes, self-responsibility, and integrity.  

Yes, the Donald is arrogant, mouthy, and obnoxious, but  his competition—well she's a criminal. If she's elected, America as we know it (what's left of America as we know it) is finished. None of us will be safe. Open borders, thousands of unvetted Syrian refugees flooding across the border, medical costs predicted to skyrocket by 30-100% in 2017, tax increases —all hell is going to break loose. Already women in several states have been raped by the incoming refugees.  

None of us will be unaffected. No one will be safe. That really stinks. Vote. Pray for America. God have mercy on America.