For Physical Transformation, You Can't Just Use a Hammer


Yes, Physical Transformation is possible! You’re pushing 50 years old and wondering if you’re going to have to settle for that frumpy body that you’re looking at in the mirror. Last year you tried walking on the treadmill for hours, nothing changed. This year you jumped on the keto diet bandwagon and lost 15 pounds in 60 days, only to gain it back in the next 90 days. This year you’re asking your spouse for a Peloton bike for Christmas. Look what the Peloton has done for those folks in the ads! They look amazing! …. STOP!!!

Why haven’t you made more significant progress in transforming your body? You’re getting nowhere because you’re trying to fix everything using only one tool. Maybe you can assemble IKEA furniture with only a small wrench, but you’re mechanic isn’t going to fix your car using only a hammer. Use ALL the tools in your fitness toolbox and you CAN transform your body to the beautiful, youthful physique that you once had or have always desired.

So what are the fitness tools? Well, there are many, but the big three are strength training, cardiovascular training/metabolic training, and lifestyle nutrition. How do you know how to employ these? Where do you start? Your mechanic uses a tool called a diagnostic computer on your car to figure out what to repair, and what adjustments need to made. At Adamsons, that diagnostic machine is called Amy, our Program Director, who performs a detailed fitness assessment and consultation on each member so that a personalized transformation plan can be designed.

If you’re ready to make real progress, make it happen at Adamson’s. We’ll get you hooked up to our “diagnostic machine” and begin to employ the tools that will make change happen.