visualize a healthier you

Adamson's is proud to bring you Fit3D — our NEW three-dimensional body scanner


This amazing scanner will take all of your measurements, and calculate your body fat in 40 seconds! In less than 10 minutes after scanning you'll be emailed an avatar-like image of yourself which can be rotated 360 degrees to show you just how amazing that you actually look! This new technology is going to allow us to have a whole new level of assessment accuracy!  


To ensure that the scanning process goes as quickly as possible, we are asking that you please go to the link below to create an account and enter your information from home. Then, when it comes time to do the scan, all you have to do is login (enter your email and password). Thanks in advance for helping streamline the scanning process.


  • WOMEN Proper attire is a sports bra and tight spandex workout shorts or underwear (the less you have on the more accurate the scan). In addition, you will need your hair pinned up so that none of it hangs below the neck line.

  • MEN should be shirtless and wear fitted shorts or underwear.

  • The scanner is located in a private room with locking door where you can undress for your scan. One of our staff members will show you how to do the scan on your own—it's super simple!


The scan is non-invasive, involves no health risk, and is only taking measurements of your surface area. We have a scale at the gym where you can weigh yourself (preferably w/o shoes) prior to the scan. You will also need to know your height as the scanner does not measure height (we can measure your height if needed).

Be sure you don't throw clothing, gym bags, or other belongings behind the scanner (the scanner may pick it up and throw off your measurements). Keep shoes and articles of clothing toward the front of the room where the camera won't pick them up.

Along with your measurements you will receive an Avatar-like 3D image of yourself via email. Don't worry, we do not have access to the image without your permission. You may choose to let your coach (trainer) have administrative access to view your data, data and image, or neither. 

We suggest doing a couple scans (they don't have to be the same day) so that you're sure that you have an accurate baseline image. If you suspect that you received an inaccurate scan, or if your avatar image shows the handle extending down from your hand, you need to retake your scan.