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Get Ready to Get Fit


With a highly qualified staff of personal trainers and customer service reps, our members receive access to a high level of expertise and a state-of-the-art facility. By providing premium, individualized, fitness training and nutritional coaching, we help transform the way you look, feel, and move.

With eight different training zones, our bright, clean, and spacious 17,000 square foot training facility features two floors of exercise equipment. Adamson's is truly the ultimate hybrid gym offering training equipment and programs for a variety of personal preferences and fitness goals.

In addition to the one-on-one personal training services which have been our trademark over the last 25 years, Adamson’s offers small group personal training (Squad Training); large group training (Team Training), and women-only Skinny Jeans programs in the fall, winter, and summer. We also offer intermittent specialty programs including Warrior Training, Boxing Boot Camps, and Self-Defense courses. To complement our training services, we also offer babysitting and executive locker rooms with saunas. Be inspired to train hard, have fun, and hit your peak performance!



Adamson's is proud to bring you Fit3D — our three-dimensional body scanner

The ONLY 3D body scanner in the North State and beyond! Learn More →


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The Ultimate Gym

Reach your peak performance at our updated state-of-the-art facility. Designed for a variety of training preferences and fitness levels, it features:

  • 8 different training zones

  • Certified Personal Trainers

  • Executive locker rooms

  • Babysitting service

  • Range of memberships

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Memberships at Adamson's

The membership options at Adamsons allow you to choose a membership which fits your budget, as well as the amount and type of personal training and coaching you prefer. Train on your own, or work with a trainer for that extra push! Our membership/training services include the following popular options:

  • Access Membership

  • Team Training Membership

  • Squad Training Membership

  • Personal Training (One-on-One) Memberships

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Finding the Right Track.

Fitness is a JOURNEY, not a DESTINATION. Because individuals have differing needs and goals, each fitness journey will be different. Adamson's Peak Performance offers a variety of programs and memberships to make your journey fun, safe, and effective! We understand that choosing the right program can be confusing, and that's why we highly recommend that each prospective member receive a complimentary consultation and custom recommendation. Whether you're a beginner, a weekend warrior, or a competitive athlete, we've got a program option that will suit your needs! 


Personal Training
Personal training gives you the highest level of personal attention; and is available in the one-on-one and buddy format. See our Squad Training membership for a small group personal training option.
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Team Training
These 30–45 minute, high-energy group training sessions increase sports performance, strength and endurance. Combine it with a nutrition program to burn fat. Learn More →

Skinny Jeans
Our trademark women-only Skinny Jeans programs are offered periodically throughout the year. Drop jean sizes and gain confidence in our upcoming Skinny Jeans session.
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Specialty Programs
Warrior Training, Punch Fitness Boxing Boot Camp, and Yoga are among the specialty programs offered periodically throughout the year. Non-members are welcome!
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