Exercise: The Perfect Medicine!

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Exercise is vital to regaining your health, strength, energy, independence, and mental clarity! You WILL feel vibrant and productive again! You WILL reduce your pain and dependence on medications!

Ask your doctor if an individualized exercise program at Adamson's is right for you.

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The Most Valuable Prescription You Can Give Yourself.

After a horrible low back injury I spent three months using pain killers, muscle relaxants, and even pain shots. Although physical therapy, acupuncture, and medications helped, I found that I was still far from pain free and functional.

At Adamsons, Carl designed a program specific to my medical needs. He patiently worked one-on-one with me each session for several weeks; teaching me what I was supposed to do, demonstrating how to do it, and making sure that I correctly performed each movement.

I now feel that I'm REALLY on the road to recovery! Painful flair-ups are less frequent, and recoveries are much quicker! Professionally-guided exercise training has absolutely been the most beneficial treatment that I've had!