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8-week Skinny Jeans Body Sculpt starts June 10!

Super-Early Registration will begin on April 1st with some awesome incentives! Some classes will likely sell out in April so don’t miss out! Also, we will have several 4-Week Skinny Mini courses available in May! They will be posted on this page soon!



Diet alone doesn’t work! Exercise alone doesn’t work. At Adamsons, the global epicenter of physical transformation, we know what does work. It’s not simple, but it is proven. For over 8 years now, we’ve been perfecting the Skinny Jeans body transformation formula while dozens and dozens of ladies have shed unwanted fat and sculpted firm, lean, athletic bodies!

What’s the secret formula? It’s really no secret at all! Exercise research has shown that a combination of 1) strength training, 2) metabolic conditioning, and 3) modified nutrition is a far more effective way to reshape and transform your body than dieting alone, cardio alone, or even dieting and cardio training combined.

Our Skinny Jeans Body Sculpt program not only includes all three of these crucial pieces, but you will also receive:
1) A program manual which includes all of your strength workouts and step by step details on how to eat
2) A personal trainer
as each group of 6–9 women is trained and coached by a certified personal trainer
3) Unlimited access to our gym and all of our Team Training metabolic workouts! This is in addition to your two Skinny Jeans strength workouts each week.
4) Monthly Fit3D body scans to check the progress of inch loss, body fat loss, and overall body transformation.

Skinny Jeans Body Sculpt is very similar to its sister programs - the SJ Challenge and SJ Body Design. The major differences are that it is shorter ( only 8 weeks) and that we focus a bit more on body building and sculpting movements and slightly less on functional multi-joint full body movements.

Sculpt muscle, turbocharge your metabolism, incinerate fat, transform your physique, and LOSE INCHES! Take the 8-week Skinny Jeans Body Sculpt journey with us. It just might change your life. 

Class Times
Skinny Jeans Body Design 2019

Program Description




Skinny Jeans Body Design
(6–9 women)
$160/mo 6:00 am, T/Th 1 Spot left!
Skinny Jeans Body Design
(6–9 women)
$160/mo 8:30 am, M/W Sold Out!
Skinny Jeans Body Design
(6–9 women)
$160/mo 10:00 am, T/Th Sold Out!
Skinny Jeans Body Design
(6–9 women)
$160/mo 5:00 pm, T/Th Sold Out!
Skinny Jeans Body Design
(6–9 women)
$160/mo 5:30 pm, M/W Sold out!
Skinny Jeans Body Design
(6–9 women)
$160/mo 6:00 pm, T/Th Sold Out!
“There were days I didn’t feel like going to class but I was determined to not give in and made it through. The nutrition classes have been amazing and have helped me tremendously, along with the encouragement I get from the staff at Adamson’s. I now feel I’m on the right path to a healthier life. I hope my transformation will inspire others to do the same!”
— Tina Guadagni, Lost 15 lbs. and counting at Adamsons

Slide into your favorite jeans!  

Get an unbeatable body with our trademark Skinny Jeans programs.

Our physique transformation programs are for women only and deliver serious results!  In each of our three annual Skinny Jeans programs, six to nine women train together under the watchful eye of an Adamson's Peak Performance personal trainer. The programs are designed to build fat-burning muscle and burn unwanted body fat, sculpting a strong, beautiful body. We also randomly offer short 4-6 week Skinny Mini courses for those who prefer a short-term challenge or wish to ‘try out’ a Skinny Jeans program before making a larger commitment.