Specialty Classes

Specialty classes are offered seasonally or periodically throughout the year.  No membership is required to attend.  Members receive a significant discount on most specialty classes.

Booty Barre



Our Booty Barre class is a 5-week class focused on helping women of all fitness levels improve core strength, posture, and flexibility. Through a combination of Pilates, Dance and Yoga you will get a full body workout that lifts and tones. This is a fantastic class for any lady that wants a full low-impact workout to get back into shape in an easy going and fun environment. Don't miss this one of a kind workout! (No courses are currently scheduled).


Self Defense - Coming soon!

We will offer a 3-hour seminar, and a 6-week Self Defense Course periodically throughout the year. Our 6-week course meets once a week and includes a mix of intense physical conditioning and technical instruction including punches, elbows, knees, leg kicks, clinch work, and nerve strikes.