Squad Training Program

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Get Personal Training in a small group setting

Enjoy the benefits of one-on-one training and the camaraderie of a small group of 3-6 clients at a great price with our Squad Training program!.

Each Squad will meet twice per week for a 40-50 minute personal training session. A typical Squad workout will include a dynamic warm-up, 2-3 strength training blocks, core training and a heart-pumping finisher!

Squad is available in six-month or month-to-month membership formats. Train with a Squad for six months to get in peak shape for an upcoming event, or utilize Squad Training indefinitely as a means to get and stay in amazing shape!

Build muscle, reduce fat, and get strong! Get on a Squad!

What you get

  • Two 40-50 minute Squad Training Sessions per week with an Adamsons Personal Trainer!

  • Unlimited Team Training Metabolic Workouts

  • Unlimited Fit3D Full Body Scans!

  • Access Gym Membership!

  • Results! Results! Results!


Single $180/mo

NO ENROLLMENT FEE! Get started today!

Limited Squad (1 x week) option is also available-$150/mo

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Stop by the front desk, give us a call at 530-221-8006 or click below to sign up for Squad Training!
Don't delay — Squads are limited to the first six participants to register.

Program Description




Squad Training $180/mo. 6:00 am, M/W Sign Me Up!
Squad Training $180/mo. 7:00 am, T/Fri Sign Me Up!
Squad Training $180/mo. 7:30 am, T/Th Sign Me Up!
Squad Training $180/mo. 8:30 am, T/Th Sign Me Up!
Squad Training $180/mo. 4:00 pm, T/Th Call for Waitlist
Squad Training $180/mo. 4:00 pm, M/W Sign Me Up!
Squad Training $180/mo. 5:00 pm, M/W Sign Me Up!
Limited (1x/wk) Squad Training $150/mo. 6:00 pm, Tue Sign me up!

Get ready to change your life!

*Squads must have a minimum of 3 participants or may be subject to cancellation*

Benefits of Squad Training

Experienced Personal Trainer

Each squad will be coached by an APP personal trainer. Trainers will guide you through the workouts, give you feedback on form and execution, and challenge you to get outside your comfort zone!

Progressions and Regressions

Though we will attempt to match clients of similar fitness in each squad, not everyone will have the same physical capabilities. Trainers will use regressions and progressions to ensure that workouts are safe and challenging for everyone.


Exercises, rest, intensity, and volume (reps & sets) will vary as you progress through 1-month workout phases. Manipulation of the training variables is called periodization. The goal is to create stress which leads to positive physiological adaptations without overtraining or injury. 


In addition to your trainer, your fellow squad members will provide support, encouragement, and motivation--helping you to stay inspired and make fitness gains!


Personal training works. Period. Arguably accountability is the #1 benefit of personal training. Even pro athletes use personal trainers who keep them accountable.


The big C! Is there anything that plays a larger factor in long-term results? I don't think so. We are in this for the long haul right? 

Frequently Asked Questions


Who will benefit from Squad Training? 

Clients of all fitness levels who want to add muscle and strength. Strength training is the absolute best form of exercise for fat loss and has been proven to help improve cardiovascular fitness. Two to three days/week of strength training is recommended for premium health and fitness. Are you a weekend warrior? Squad training will up your game!


How is Squad Training different from Team Training?

Squad focuses on muscle building and strength increase while Team focuses on cardio fitness, anaerobic power, agility, calorie burning and functional fitness. The two compliment each other wonderfully.


Who is Squad NOT for? 

If you're brand new to strength training or advancing in years we'd recommend that you start with one-on-one personal training. If you have injuries or physical limitations squad may not be for you - consult with Amy, our training director. Squad is not designed for high-level athletes who need highly personalized programs.


What if something comes up and I can't make it to my squad workout session?

Squad training is built on the premise that you're able to come to the same two squad workouts each week. However, life happens. If you have to miss a workout, let your trainer know in advance and he/she will arrange to have you visit another squad (assuming there is a squad with an available slot - we don't want to lose the personal training feel!). 


How long do I have to commit to Squad Training? 

Squad membership are available in 6-month and month-to-month* membership formats. Once you have started the program, if you find the need to switch your Squad enrollment to different days/times, we will gladly accommodate you, provided there is room in the desired Squad.
*slight premium applies