Adamson's Peak Performance seeks amazing personal trainers willing to work full time. Trainers must be certified through a nationally recognized certification agency.



Movement Skills Development;
Mud Run/Obstacle Race Training

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MovStrong will take you outside the four walls of the gym!  You’ll learn how to move efficiently, safely, and fluidly in the outdoors.  Increase functional strength, agility, and balance as you learn to perform running, jumping, lifting, carrying, crawling, climbing, catching, and throwing movements with increased skill!  MovStrong is for men and women of all fitness levels, and is great training for mud runs and obstacle races.

Learn MovStrong skills one-on-one with our MovNat-certified personal trainer Brian Pratt (pictured below).

Our MovStrong specialty courses which integrate both indoor and outdoor training are offered intermittently throughout the year. We also
integrate Movstrong skills and movements into some of our Team Training classes.

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