Team Training sessions are trainer coached, large group, boot camp-style workouts that are safe, fun, and time efficient! The 30 and 40-minute sessions which require no scheduling or reservations, are designed to build muscle, burn fat, amp metabolism, and tighten your core!

Basic Training

Level 1 is a great place to start if you're just beginning your exercise journey or coming back after a period of time off.


The Level 2 Body Blast workouts are the perfect cardio compliment to your strength training workouts.


Level 3 -  Don't say we didn't warn you...This class is for the brave, the risk takers, the "no pain, no gain" kind of person. Ok maybe that's a bit extreme, but this class will have you wishing for an ice bath when you're done!


 Level 1 & 2.  Brand new to Team Training! This class will incorporate punch fitness into a team training dynamic where you can punch your adrenaline out!

Fit Lite

Level 1 - is great for people who just came off of an injury, or are just starting to exercise.

We feel we have the best training center in town. Come in, meet our staff and discover for yourself why our members are always smiling! Our mission is deliver premium individualized fitness training and nutritional coaching which will transform the way you look, feel, and move. The 2-Week Team Training Trial is your opportunity to try as many of our awesome Team Training classes as you can handle in 2 weeks with no long-term obligation. Adamson's Peak Performance is a gym like no other and you're REALLY going to love way you LOOK, FEEL, and MOVE!

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