Sometimes You Have to Get Angry

Listen, I’m no psychologist — I’m a personal trainer. So, when it comes to offering some psychological advice, you can take this or leave it. However, I believe that sometimes getting fitness results means you’ve gotta get a little angry. Sometimes you have to become disgusted enough with yourself to trigger positive change. No, I don’t believe that you’ve got to walk around the gym growling, but that might occasionally be a good idea as well.

Look for our New Weapons of Mass Reduction Series

This time of year most of us are at least thinking about trying to reduce something — our waist size, our jean size, our weight, our body fat, our carbs, our sugar, our muffin top, our bat wings, something — so I thought it would be appropriate for the training staff to feature some of our favorite weapons of mass reduction: tools we use for burning calories, losing our guts, and re-shaping our bodies so they can look amazing a few months from now. Additionally, we’ll show you some of our favorite things that we do with those weapons in order to deliver a lethal attack on our fat cells.

Three MORE HIgh-Impact Fitness Ideas for 2019

In my last blog I listed three fitness ideas that I feel could have a high-impact on your fitness in 2019. As I mentioned before, there aren’t too many magic pills out there — it’s usually doing a lot of smaller things well for an extended period of time that makes for great gains in the long run. There are however, some ideas which when carried out, can really make a difference! Have you ever seen someone that you haven’t seen in months or years who just blows you away? They look amazing and you’re hardly able to recognize them. These folks have each successfully practiced one or more high-impact strategies.

Tools to Fashion and shape Your Body

In my last blog, I pointed out that there are a number of fitness tools which should be employed when one wishes to transform his/her body. Diet alone, cardio alone, even diet and cardio combined aren’t good enough if you seek true body transformation! I listed what I believe are the big three tools — lifestyle nutrition, strength training, and metabolic/aerobic training. I also suggested a diagnostic tool called the fitness assessment. In the fitness assessment, a fitness professional measures your current fitness level, evaluates your strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes designs a personalized exercise prescription.

For Physical Transformation, You Can't Just Use a Hammer

Yes, Physical Transformation is possible! You’re pushing 50 years old and wondering if you’re going to have to settle for that frumpy body that you’re looking at in the mirror. Last year you tried walking on the treadmill for hours, nothing changed. This year you jumped on the keto diet bandwagon and lost 15 pounds in 60 days, only to gain it back in the next 90 days. This year you’re asking your spouse for a Peloton bike for Christmas. Look what the Peloton has done for those folks in the ads! They look amazing! …. STOP!!!

MyZone Fits the Adamsons Philosophy

As our name, (Adamson’s Peak Performance) implies, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach greater levels of health, fitness, and sports performance. MyZone is a wearable fitness technology that very accurately displays your heart rate and color codes it into one of five different intensity zones. It also gives you a readout of your calories burned, and MEPs points earned.

Fourth Quarter Approaching Fast!

Ok Peak Freaks, I know it's hard to believe but summer's over and so is the third quarter! Kids are back in school, leaves are falling, football is on TV, and the year is about to enter the fourth quarter! In a football game, the team that digs deep in the fourth quarter typically wins! The weak teams try to just hang on while the strong teams keeping driving, and working hard despite pain and fatigue — persevering until that final whistle.

Let's Build a Peak Freak Nation

Last week we launched the Peak Freak Referral Drive for what we think are very obvious reasons. First, we really like you, our members!  Secondly, we could really use more members like you. Turns out the model that we've build is better suited for 200 more members than we currently have! Thirdly, we feel that if your circle of friends are even close to being as cool and driven as you, they're the perfect prospects!

Just a Little Better!

We can all appreciate small victories. Here's one — I stepped on the scale a few days ago and was about a half a pound lighter than any other weigh-in (I weigh every morning) since I started trying to lose body fat on May 1st. Big tickle, you say. True, it really was very small and insignificant, but yet it was a big deal at the moment. Afterall, it was a new low on the scale and it was an indication that I was still on track and not losing ground. I felt a little studlier as I trudged down the hallway to get coffee.