Tools to Fashion and shape Your Body

In my last blog, I pointed out that there are a number of fitness tools which should be employed when one wishes to transform his/her body. Diet alone, cardio alone, even diet and cardio combined aren’t good enough if you seek true body transformation! I listed what I believe are the big three tools — lifestyle nutrition, strength training, and metabolic/aerobic training. I also suggested a diagnostic tool called the fitness assessment. In the fitness assessment, a fitness professional measures your current fitness level, evaluates your strengths and weaknesses, and sometimes designs a personalized exercise prescription.

For Physical Transformation, You Can't Just Use a Hammer

Yes, Physical Transformation is possible! You’re pushing 50 years old and wondering if you’re going to have to settle for that frumpy body that you’re looking at in the mirror. Last year you tried walking on the treadmill for hours, nothing changed. This year you jumped on the keto diet bandwagon and lost 15 pounds in 60 days, only to gain it back in the next 90 days. This year you’re asking your spouse for a Peloton bike for Christmas. Look what the Peloton has done for those folks in the ads! They look amazing! …. STOP!!!

MyZone Fits the Adamsons Philosophy

As our name, (Adamson’s Peak Performance) implies, we are dedicated to helping our clients reach greater levels of health, fitness, and sports performance. MyZone is a wearable fitness technology that very accurately displays your heart rate and color codes it into one of five different intensity zones. It also gives you a readout of your calories burned, and MEPs points earned.

Fourth Quarter Approaching Fast!

Ok Peak Freaks, I know it's hard to believe but summer's over and so is the third quarter! Kids are back in school, leaves are falling, football is on TV, and the year is about to enter the fourth quarter! In a football game, the team that digs deep in the fourth quarter typically wins! The weak teams try to just hang on while the strong teams keeping driving, and working hard despite pain and fatigue — persevering until that final whistle.

Let's Build a Peak Freak Nation

Last week we launched the Peak Freak Referral Drive for what we think are very obvious reasons. First, we really like you, our members!  Secondly, we could really use more members like you. Turns out the model that we've build is better suited for 200 more members than we currently have! Thirdly, we feel that if your circle of friends are even close to being as cool and driven as you, they're the perfect prospects!

Just a Little Better!

We can all appreciate small victories. Here's one — I stepped on the scale a few days ago and was about a half a pound lighter than any other weigh-in (I weigh every morning) since I started trying to lose body fat on May 1st. Big tickle, you say. True, it really was very small and insignificant, but yet it was a big deal at the moment. Afterall, it was a new low on the scale and it was an indication that I was still on track and not losing ground. I felt a little studlier as I trudged down the hallway to get coffee.

Boil It Down

Sometimes we make training and our whole health and fitness journey too complex. Yes, it can be complex — you can study the human body for a lifetime and never scratch the surface — but you don't have to be a health expert to experience the wonderful benefits of a healthy lifestyle! Insisting on, or concerning yourself with every detail of eating and training may give you paralysis of the brain, causing you to take NO action. 

Get Your Mind Right

What is it that determines success or failure in a workout program? Why does one person succeed and another fail? How is it that two non-exercising individuals who begin training at the same time have such different outcomes? The first person, though he began with eager enthusiasm, has thrown in the towel inside a month's time, while the other person is still going strong ten years later...

Hope is a wonderful thing

As I observed an elderly man shuffling across a room and struggling just to successfully sit down, I contemplated the idea of "hope. It made me think of the widower who struggles each day with the loss of his wife; I pondered the amazing blessing of living in America and our right to pursue happiness — giving us hope for prosperity; I thought about hope within Christianity and how we are at peace with the certain hope of eternal life; I reflected back on how just two short years ago I found that my health had collapsed and my hope was dwindling; and as I look around Redding I see so many men and women who have lost hope and succumbed to the unfortunate downward spiral of drugs, alcohol, and violence. Hope is a huge part of the human experience and having it or losing it can change everything.

A Nutrition Plan I Never Thought I'd Try!

One of my fitness goals this year is to get my ab fold down to 10 millimeters. I have some strength goals, an endurance goal, and this is my body composition goal. You all know how gnarly it is to get lean once you're up in years and I set a goal that even a 20 year-old would be proud to achieve! Well, it's one thing to set it, another to make it reality. April was fast disappearing and I knew that I hadn't even budged my body fat, despite headway on some of my other goals.

Is Team Training the Fountain of Youth?


One of the common themes in exercise science research has been "intensity." In a New York Times article, Gretchen Reynolds detailed the career and physiology of a French centenarian who took up competitive cycling as a retiree and began setting age-group records. But after a physiologist revamped the Frenchman's training adding some strenuous pedaling, he bettered his own records, and at the age of 103, set a new world mark for the most miles pedaled in an hour by a centenarian. Wow!

In a Mayo Clinic study, Reynolds reports that scientists compared differences in gene expression inside muscle cells after younger and older people had completed various types of workouts. The greatest differences were seen in the operations of the genes after people had done high-intensity interval training for 12 weeks. In young people 275 genes were firing differently after 12 weeks of intense training, while in people older than 64, more than 400 genes were working differently — many of those were genes known to be related to the health and aging of cells!

Fitness programming such as our Team Training classes provide the high intensity needed to trigger these awesome physiological changes! Of course intensity is relative, and we're each at our own fitness level but the key is to progressively increase intensity so that your body has an opportunity to adapt gradually. Our Team Training classes (Fit-Lite, Basic Training, Body Blast, and Beast) adapt to 4 different levels of intensity so that you can choose a class that fits your needs and then work your way to Beast if you so choose!

Is Team Training the Fountain of Youth? It certainly appears to play an important role in staying young!  

In upcoming blogs I'll share more of your suggestions from the suggestion box, as well as my experience with a nutrition plan I never thought I'd try! 


Are Inspiration and Motivation Overrated?

We all love to be inspired and motivated by a movie, a trainer, an awesome speaker, an amazing book, or a song so powerful that it moves our soul. Our emotions are a large part of our being — sometimes we need to be stirred. To this day, I'm energized and motivated to train hard when I hear one of the Rocky movie songs playing! But as one of my recent Precision Nutrition lessons pointed out, inspiration and motivation are a lot like cats: when you need them they're nowhere to be found.