Focus Quest


A few weeks ago I blogged about keeping things simple. Simplicity is going to be one of my personal quests over the next year. I think most people need to purge the clutter out of their lives, reduce complication, and get back to basics. I know, easier said than done, but I find that doing something as simple as cleaning my garage seems to make me feel lighter and less bogged down. Ultimately, by simplifying my life I'm striving for something which is going to be another of my personal quests over the next year — FOCUS.  

Focus is necessary daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, and for your lifetime. Without it we can wander aimlessly for weeks, months, and even years, failing to accomplish what's important and leaving us unfulfilled. Personally, I'm just getting started on this journey to simplify and focus so I don't have all the answers, but it seems that focus requires physical, mental, social, professional, and spiritual house cleaning in order to make room for clear, centered, and concentrated thoughts and actions.  

This week (Monday, 11/13) I begin a 12-month Precision Nutrition journey with 16 others. I have no dreams of cooking up fancy gourmet meals or learning how to cook every vegetable in six different ways — for me, that would be loss of focus. I want to focus on simple and timely eating, making great choices, and learning to plan meals a bit better. With the right focus I believe that the end product will be a healthier and leaner body! Now that's something worth focusing on!