Let's Build a Peak Freak Nation


Last week we launched the Peak Freak Referral Drive for what we think are very obvious reasons. First, we really like you, our members!  Secondly, we could really use more members like you.  We have plans to add up to 200 more members over the next 12 months!  Thirdly, we feel that if your circle of friends are even close to being as cool and driven as you, they're the perfect prospects!

We planned the Referral Drive to work super simply: 1) you pick up a couple Peak Freak 2-Week Trial certificates at the front desk, 2) you give them to those in your circle of influence, 3) your referral comes in and enjoys unlimited Team Training for 2 weeks for $19, and 4) if your referral signs up for a long-term membership we give you $50 cash!

As cool as Adamson's Peak Performance is, we've really only begun to build our concept which I would consider a combination of programming, design, equipment, customer service, environment, entertainment, engagement, and our unique Adamson's culture. All these ingredients, of course require a steady investment of time, effort, and financial resources.   

To accomplish this we need to continue to grow the Peak Freak Nation! Please help us spread the word about Adamson's, and thanks so very much for being a part of a very special gym!