Rip off the Band-Aid


When it comes to making change, there are useful opposing strategies regarding how to do it. One strategy is to slowly modify your behavior taking small incremental steps until you've reached the behavior destination you desire. This can work well. The other strategy is to just "rip off the band-aid" and get it over with! Both strategies can work — sometimes it may depend on how bad you want it.

I recently employed the "rip off the band-aid" on a time management strategy. Because I typically get home from work late and usually get to bed later than I should, I'd fallen into the bad habit of sleeping in. Sounds wonderful right? However, I found myself becoming increasingly frustrated with my inability to get all of my important work done. Last week I "ripped off the band-aid" and went straight to getting up an hour and a half earlier!  

You know, it wasn't that bad! Now I find that I'm more productive and have taken one more step toward improving the 2018 version of myself. What do you need to "rip off the band-aid" on? Here are some typical ones: stop drinking alcohol, stop watching TV at night, stop checking emails 22 times a day, stop smoking, stop wasting time on social media, stop eating lunches out, stop buying overpriced coffee drinks, stop coming up with lame reasons not to work out, stop checking the news on your computer, stop being negative, stop getting in the way of loving yourself.  (I have a feeling I may have hit some nerves!)  

I don't know what you need to "rip the band-aid off" on, but you definitely know. Just do it. It'll be okay! I'm making 2018 the year to work on changing me... Let me know what you're going to change this year!