Sweat It Out

Can you judge a workout by its sweat?
Have you worked out your hardest when you're all soaking wet?
And if you're still dry have you made some mistake?
Are you a wuss, or a wimp, or an exercise fake?
Or is it the type of workout you've chosen to do?
Is it a waste without sweat? "I don't even have a clue!"

Oh but man it feels amazing to sweat!
The toxins are flushed, the daily calorie burn's been met!
Turn up the heat and pull the hoodie down!
It's so hot in the gym — Alan must be around!
Speed up the tempo and grab another towel,
This workout is awesome! Look at the sweat on my brow!

We often use sweat as a validation of a good workout. If you like to sweat, then sweat. After all, how we feel both physically and psychologically during and after a workout is very important. That being said, there's a lot more to training than sweat. There are so many variables that influence sweat that it is a poor predictor of a quality training session. In fact, strength-based workouts tend to produce less sweat than metabolic workouts. YET, both types of workouts are important. Got it? Cool. Ok, now go hit the sauna!

—Joe Adamson