1. Versatile.

Beginners, intermediate and hard bodies all get an amazing workout.

3. Functional.

Sessions use multi-joint, real-life movements.

5. Personal.

One of our personal trainers instructs each class.

7. Convenient.

Come to the sessions you want. No scheduling is necessary.

9. Metabolic.

Our sessions yield an incredible calorie burn that leaves your metabolism elevated for several hours.

2. Time-Efficient.

In 30 minutes, you’re wiped out.

4. Fun.

No boring machines, just fun toys and new ways to get fit.

6. Economical.

You get the benefits of a trainer for a fraction of the cost of personal training.

8. Versatile.

It works well as a stand alone program or combined with our other programs.

10. Effective.

Delivers exceptional results: higher sports performance, more strength and endurance and leaner body mass when combined with a nutrition program.

Call today to learn more or get started with some recommendations. We have tiered memberships to fit a variety of budgets. 530-221-8006.