Train like a fighter!

Sometimes it's just fun to hit something! People everywhere are discovering that the training regimens that fighters have been using for years are amazingly effective! Lose weight, get mega-fit, build self-confidence, and completely reshape your body.

After just one 30-minute workout, you'll be hooked!

Click the link below and look for "BoxFit" in our schedule of classes.



Punch Fitness: training with impact

  • No sparring or fighting. Super friendly, non-intimidating environment.

  • No choreography or dancing; this is pure functional training!

  • Great for all fitness levels. No experience is necessary.

  • Trained instructors to teach, coach, and motivate you!

  • Learn to train the way boxers and MMA fighters have been training for years!

  • Fun, safe, effective workouts that will have you pumped!

  • Clean, neat, and safe studio and equipment —It's the Adamsons way!

  • Learn to strike and kick at a high skill level. Increase ability to self protect!

  • Great addition to any workout regimen or great on its own!




Adamson’s has jumped on one of the hottest trends in fitness and created PUNCH Fitness, an extraordinary training studio for ordinary men and women who want to get into extraordinary shape! At Punch Fitness you'll get FIT, not HIT —there's no sparring or fighting, only phenomenal workouts that will leave you feeling pumped!  
— No experience needed —
Our coaches will teach you how to hit, kick, knee, strike, hook, jab, cross, and get in the best shape of your life!



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